North County Lifeline serves more than 5,000 clients annually in five services areas. Our impact is measured through formal evaluation, as well as through the positive changes in the lives of those we serve. 

Youth Development

  • 90% of youth clients had no entry, or re-entry, into the Juvenile Justice System as measured by probation records check three months after case closure. 

“Through Club Crown Heights and North County Lifeline I was successful in getting the daily courage, motivation, and strength to be a better me…I am the first in my family to graduate and attended a four-year college at the University of Cal State San Marcos, setting my sights on graduating in four years with a degree in Psychology – hopefully with the ability to pay it to forward to my Crown Heights community.” 

 - A high school graduate who participated in Lifeline’s youth development programs for nearly 10 years.


Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention

  • 96% of parents in the program improved their parenting skills and ability to provide a safe environment for their child/children.  

“The services for my children were wonderful and has met my family’s needs. I knew from the first few visits that my family would have a great advantage. Lots of quality time for expressing personal interest also a definite encouragement for others to see their self-esteem and strive for success in this program.” 

  - Parent participating in our Community Services for Families parenting education program


Behavioral Health

  • 92% of children and adolescent clients participating in individual, family, and/or group counseling demonstrated improvement in their mental health symptoms, as measured by CANS score (California Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths).  

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I don’t want to feel like I am not being who I really am or am pretending to be someone for other people. Talking with you might be able to help; I think it can”

  - A 12 year old client with depression, in Lifeline’s mental health program

Housing & Self-Sufficiency

  • 86% of LifeSpring participants achieved full-time productivity by going to school or obtaining jobs within three months of move-in.  


  • 80% successfully completed program as evidenced by transition to safe and sustainable housing.

“I am able to be independent, paying my own bills and get a sense of real involvement in my life”.

 - Young adult previously in the foster care system, after graduating from the LifeSpring housing and support program. 

Human Trafficking Prevention & Intervention

  •  71% of clients in Project LIFE to date have demonstrated increased well-being.

“North County Lifeline has helped me realize that I am no longer a victim of sex trafficking, but I am a survivor. Now I am mentally and emotionally healthy and on the road to recovery.”

- Survivor of sex trafficking after receiving counseling and support from Project LIFE (Living in Freedom from Exploitation). 

We Are Lifeline

  • North County Lifeline continues to go the extra mile to build 
    the communities we serve from the ground up.

  • 5,000

    People Served Every Year

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